Every journey needs a map – even if you don’t end up sticking exactly to the route! This is the map I have so far… with thanks to the generous “real life data scientists” who took time out to discuss the journey with me and give their input – it’s amazing how many kind people one meets on the road :).

If this were an old-fashioned journey I’d need a compass too – and James Clear’s advice “Commit to a process, not a goal is definitely it.

Deviations and details to be filled in as the journey unfolds…!

Online courses

Skill Course Via
Python Python A – Z for Data Science ☑ Udemy
Probability & Bayes Using and handling data Maths Is Fun
Statistics Statistics for Business Analytics Udemy
Pandas Data analysis with Pandas and Python 55% Udemy
Machine learning Data science, Deep Learning & Machine Learning with Python
Math skills Mathematics for machine learning: Linear Algebra Coursera
Big data Data Science at Scale Specialization Coursera


Skill Course Via
Math skills Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science Amazon
Math skills Calculus made easy Amazon
Statistics Naked Statistics ☑ Amazon

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