Every journey needs a map – even if you don’t end up sticking exactly to the route! This is the map I have so far… with thanks to the generous “real life data scientists” who took time out to discuss the journey with me and give their input – it’s amazing how many kind people one meets on the road :).

If this were an old-fashioned journey I’d need a compass too – and James Clear’s advice “Commit to a process, not a goal is definitely it.

Deviations and details to be filled in as the journey unfolds…!

Online courses

Skill Course Via
Python Python A – Z for Data Science ☑ Udemy
Probability & Bayes Using and handling data Maths Is Fun
Statistics Statistics for Business Analytics Udemy
Pandas Data analysis with Pandas and Python – 70% of the way, I continue to dip in whenever I need to do something lighter! Udemy
Machine learning Data science, Deep Learning & Machine Learning with Python 50%, still dipping into it as time permits Udemy
Math skills Mathematics for machine learning: Linear Algebra Coursera
SQL Master SQL for Data Science ☑ Udemy
Command Line Linux Command Line Basics ☑ Udacity


Skill Course Via
Math skills Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science Amazon
Math skills Calculus made easy Amazon
Statistics Naked Statistics ☑ Amazon
Scrum Scrum: The art of doing twice the work in half the time ☑ Amazon


After doing all of the above I was ready for this! An 8-week un-paid sabbatical that was totally worth it and launched me into my first job in my new chosen career – yay!

Skill Course Via
Data Science Data Science Intensive Full-time 8-week program in Cape Town – highly recommended AIMS

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