Sho’t left – huh?

So in South Africa, where I live, a sho’t left (aka short left) is a slang term for that moment when you are on the road to somewhere and suddenly decide “Wait, no! Let’s take this exit right here instead and see where we end up!” It is representative of a spirit of adventure, of being open to exploration, of taking a chance – because you may discover something wonderful! In fact there is a very successful tourism campaign named sho’t left that encourages citizens to explore the country this way!

In my case the sho’t left is detouring off the main highway of SAP consulting and onto the byways of data science.

I guess you could say I’m looking for a career adventure! Something that will give me an obvious reason to get up in the mornings (yes – I’m not a morning person!), a way to explore my world, a way to contribute to my world.

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