Avoiding for loops in Pandas

There will be times when you are tempted to loop through rows or columns in Pandas to achieve your results - and the lesson I keep learning is Don't do it! Every time I'm tempted to write a for loop with Pandas data I find myself clock watching and cursing... 9 times out of 10 there... Continue Reading →

Pandas dataframe styling – cool!

I always like to visualize data and see the detail if possible so it was with great joy that I stumbled across DataFrame.style this morning. Here is an example of how it helps us to visualize some Titanic survival rates by sex and passenger class: The Pandas documentation itself is pretty comprehensive, but if you're looking... Continue Reading →

OK so I know size isn't everything, and it may even be that there are way too many lines compared to what there should be BUT tonight I am feeling in a celebratory mood none-the-less. 6 months ago I hadn't coded anything ever, and tonight I've completed my 790 line "masterpiece" (don't laugh!) which actually... Continue Reading →

A date with a difficult customer

Being an SAP consultant, I'm working with SAP data in Pandas quite a lot. It's common practice to set a "forever" date of 31.12.9999 in SAP and the system handles it, however Pandas has a limitation in this regard where the date cannot readily go beyond the year 2262 which caused me a few headaches... Continue Reading →

A Multi-index conundrum

A Pandas series can have more than one index value. I discovered this fact during the week when I found the .groupby() method which was going to be very useful to me in getting a count of values. I started with data similar to this and my objective was to get a summary of numbers... Continue Reading →

If you enjoyed VLOOKUP…

I've always enjoyed VLOOKUP in Excel so it was with great joy that I learned some new methods in Pandas this week. So much more flexible & powerful - what a pleasure! .map() For example, you have a list of names in one series and a list of clothing sizes in a second series: To... Continue Reading →

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