Visualizing data overlaps

An example use case is this: you have a list of customers who have bought the various products that you sell. You want to know where the overlaps are, for example: How many customers who bought the Blue Widget also bought the Green Widget? Or what percentage of customers who bought the Blue Widget also... Continue Reading →

Pandas dataframe styling – cool!

I always like to visualize data and see the detail if possible so it was with great joy that I stumbled across this morning. Here is an example of how it helps us to visualize some Titanic survival rates by sex and passenger class: The Pandas documentation itself is pretty comprehensive, but if you're looking... Continue Reading →

Yes I can API!

I have a "real" assignment (for work as opposed to study) to do some data visualizations using maps. It's been a journey of over a week to get to the place where I'm ready to start, and the journey has had some educational detours along the way that I thought I'd share. Naturally, because I'm... Continue Reading →

Polar bar chart challenge

A big thanks to for challenging me to create a polar bar chart last week - I hadn't done one of these before, but the matplotlib polar_bar_demo documentation was most excellent - and you can see from the test sample below that the results are very pretty! If you're interested in a bit more... Continue Reading →

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