There are very few mailing lists that I remain subscribed to AND faithfully open on a regular basis. But Analytics Vidhya always has something interesting, something complicated explained simply, a step-by-step tutorial... Take, for example, the article I received this morning 10 matplotlib tricks - I so totally need this - it seems like a... Continue Reading →

A Scrum fan is born… cheatsheet

I've just finished listening to The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time on Audible and I feel like a real fan already - I can't wait to test-drive it in a team situation! As a stalwart of Corporate IT, I've only ever worked according to the "waterfall" methodology and I'm unpleasantly... Continue Reading →

Git cheatsheet

Even working in splendid isolation there have been times when I managed to lose a prior version of my code that actually worked better, and I wished I could get back to it without having to re-think everything from scratch! Now that I'll be collaborating with others, version management is going to be a big... Continue Reading →

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