Oops! I took a sho’t left!

My journey began in March 2016 as I sat on my couch at home pondering the bizarre fact that data science seemed like a good fit with the skills I love to use AND a career that might become a passion, rather than just a job… “Nonsense!” I told myself as I flipped through Udemy courses, “You’ve never programmed before, how can you possibly start now? Ridiculous!”

But the subconscious has a way of cutting right through the arguments of the conscious mind and somehow, I found myself signing up for Kirill Eremenko’s Python A-Z™: Python For Data Science With Real Exercises!

Four hours later I was sitting there thinking “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”. And once I’d done the first exercise on the law of large numbers I went on to “How totally cool is this!”

If you’re looking for a “first ever programming course” I can totally recommend this one. Kirill explains each concept so logically and clearly, and the fact that real exercises are included really helps you build and apply your knowledge.

And what I love about his approach is that he builds your confidence: his attitude is consistently one of “Haven’t ever done this before? No problem, let’s break it down – you can do this” and lo and behold you find that you CAN!

Online courses like this make a sho’t left into another field a dream worth dreaming – to me Udemy and Coursera are akin to stumbling upon a vein of gold in your back garden!

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