Emerging from Data Science Intensive

In September & October I was fortunate enough to attend the Data Science Intensive Program (DSI) in Cape Town. In a word: WOW! The program brought together 16 students from 7 African countries for 8 very intensive weeks with an ambitious goal: To ensure that anyone who completes the DSI is able to contribute significant... Continue Reading →

SQL CheatSheet

I've just worked through Imtiaz Ahmad's Master SQL for Data Science on Udemy and it was a thoroughly enjoyable, morale-boosting experience! He build on each concept so you never feel left behind or perplexed at how he arrived at a solution, and as promised there are a gazillion exercises so by the time you're done you feel like... Continue Reading →

Why Linux / command line?

Today I'm ploughing my way through the edX Introduction to Linux and found myself wondering "whyyyy??". It's all quite entertaining and nifty, but how will I be using this later? Naturally I googled (using bing!) and found this wonderful online resource www.datascienceatthecommandline.com. After reading the section entitled "A Real-world Use Case" involving data for New York... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on keeping on going

I had an email today from a reader ("K") who tried the Learn Python Challenge on Kaggle and (as does happen!) got to about Day 4 and then abandoned ship and went in search of more new stuff... The question is how to keep on going - when you get stuck, bored, de-motivated or perhaps even... Continue Reading →

So stoked to be attending Data Science Intensive later this year - "first of its kind in Africa": 8 weeks solving real world problems, I can hardly wait :).

Perspectives after a no-screens break

Having just returned from one of those "no screens" holidays, I'm feeling super-balanced about life again (and also a little afraid that I may have forgotten everything I've been learning)! Being in the Addo Elephant Park reminded me keenly of my original inspirations for starting this journey - if I could do some good in... Continue Reading →

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