SQL CheatSheet

clever_owlI’ve just worked through Imtiaz Ahmad’s Master SQL for Data Science on Udemy and it was a thoroughly enjoyable, morale-boosting experience! He build on each concept so you never feel left behind or perplexed at how he arrived at a solution, and as promised there are a gazillion exercises so by the time you’re done you feel like you can actually create queries!

The whole process actually reminded me a bit of cooking: given, say 5 ingredients, the number of dishes that could be cooked up by different chefs is staggering! Same with SQL: using a seemingly limited number of tools Imtiaz demonstrates how you can do almost anything!

Because I know that, until I start using this skill regularly, I will quickly forget I’ve compiled a quick SQL Query CheatSheet on the basics learned. May it be useful!

A final tip: a colleague who works with SQL on a daily basis said to me in passing this week “well done, but just remember: a badly written SELECT statement can crash the server: you may have 1000 records in your training data but we have 1,000,000,000 in our database!”

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