Is it normal to get lost in your own code?

drowningThis week I am busy with a “real life” project (yay!) – to help me classify SAP users according to system usage and ultimately license type. The totally weird thing I’m finding is that I figure out the right way to code something so it works, and I totally get it…at the time… and then 2 days later I go back and read my code and think “Good lord! Did you really write that?”

I’m tempted to worry about this (!), but I guess it’s pretty similar to learning a new human language: in the beginning you use the dictionary to look up words and construct the meaning you want… but to really remember those words you have to use them in multiple different contexts until eventually it’s second nature.

The thing that I’m finding quite a mind-bender in a more complex and real-life scenario is building in error handling… so many nested if statements, and for loops it’s making me dizzy! BUT happy to say there is progress, and things are working even if I have to keep reminding myself why!

Onwards and upwards :).

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