Dream come true

Sometime in 2017, I started this crazy journey... I finally knew what I wanted to be when I was big: a data scientist! It's funny how, having this very clear goal in mind, I was able to set out with enthusiasm despite being able to see all the obstacles in my path (like having the... Continue Reading →

I've just discovered the awesome Brandon Rohrer and his blog while trying to find an intelligible article on Bayesian inference. What a goldmine - this guy is a born educator! Thank you for sharing your knowledge - it is well-appreciated!

Thoughts on keeping on going

I had an email today from a reader ("K") who tried the Learn Python Challenge on Kaggle and (as does happen!) got to about Day 4 and then abandoned ship and went in search of more new stuff... The question is how to keep on going - when you get stuck, bored, de-motivated or perhaps even... Continue Reading →

This week I'm literally feeling like a magician! My first real classifier attempt: with a month's worth of emails to the Service Desk, and sklearn.naive_bayes ,I can tell to a 96% certainty which incidents should be assigned to Team A and which to Team B. MAGIC!

Perspectives after a no-screens break

Having just returned from one of those "no screens" holidays, I'm feeling super-balanced about life again (and also a little afraid that I may have forgotten everything I've been learning)! Being in the Addo Elephant Park reminded me keenly of my original inspirations for starting this journey - if I could do some good in... Continue Reading →

3Blue1Brown – thank you!

This resource was just recommended via Coursera Mathematics for Machine Learning: Linear Algebra, and all I can say is WOW! Animated math: it's slick, it's professional, it's cute, it makes you smile - and it makes it all seem so obvious :). I can heartily recommend you take the time if you need help on Linear Algebra. In... Continue Reading →

OK so I know size isn't everything, and it may even be that there are way too many lines compared to what there should be BUT tonight I am feeling in a celebratory mood none-the-less. 6 months ago I hadn't coded anything ever, and tonight I've completed my 790 line "masterpiece" (don't laugh!) which actually... Continue Reading →

Is it normal to get lost in your own code? This week I am busy with a "real life" project (yay!) - to help me classify SAP users according to system usage and ultimately license type. The totally weird thing I'm finding is that I figure out the right way to code something so it... Continue Reading →

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