Linear algebra – check!

It’s been a quiet few weeks on this blog as I spent nearly every spare moment wrestling with the challenges of linear algebra – and I’m in a celebratory mood this afternoon having passed everything within time! I must say that, having some tentative foundational skills, I’m left with 2 main feelings:

  1. A tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment – I’ve DONE it! (and I was by no means certain that I’d be up to it when I started)
  2. Now I can really start learning linear algebra! The course covered a LOT of ground quite quickly – like learning to ride a bicycle, I’m not falling over and grazing body parts any longer, but I’m not exactly steady and confident either…

So next stop will be delving into @juanklopper‘s most interesting looking iPython notebooks on the subject in combination with my new favourite book- the infinitely understandable No bullshit guide to linear algebra by Ivan Savov.

What was amazing though, was attending lectures at the Cape Town Deep Learning Indaba X yesterday and seeing how key this math is, and feeling like “Hey, I get that!” when linear algebra concepts came up in applications. Very exciting stuff – a distinct feeling of progress and the wind in my hair :).

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